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25 years experience and exceptional knowledge of cosmetic fillers and their benefits.

The No-Knife revolutionary procedures that can transform your look without surgery.

The pioneering treatment that we have all been waiting for involves injecting a more advanced formula of dermal filler into the face to correct everything from sagging faces, bumpy noses, flat cheeks, uneven lips and that flat rectangular look that comes with ageing.

At SJ Aesthetics, Sarah Jane a Harley Street none surgical consultant specialist of 25 years and about 31,000 happy faces globally brings to you the No-Knife revolutionary treatment that can change your look and your life in a lunch time with no downtime at affordable prices, with a tailor made no rush consultation especially for you at Bella Diva.

We are not the usual cosmetic production line of conveyor belt practice as every face is unique and requires individual attention to detail and offering a free follow up two week review.

We charge according to how much product is used and not per syringe, as some corrections although minuscule can make a great change without leaving you out of pocket.


In the past decade intensive research has gone into new ways to lift, re-model and re-sculpt the face has led to remarkable advances which means that SJ Aesthetics can effectively rejuvenate, volumise, change and correct a face from the inside out with injections lasting up and over a year.

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Logo of Bella Diva Hair and Beauty Salon in Henely in Arden Warwickshire.