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Reiki is a simple and powerful healing technique. A reiki treatment is one-hour long and is useful for specific healing or general relaxation. This it the perfect way to spoil yourself!

The treatments are individually tailored to the client's needs and condition. The practitioner rests hands for a few minutes on specific areas of the body (head, torso, legs and back) allowing the energy to pass through into the client. What is important to remember is that the client draws the energy into their own body and on an unconscious level directs the energy to where it is needed.

Therefore the clients is always in control throughout this non-invasive treatment and the Reiki practitioner is simply a channel for the energy to move through.

During a treatment the client remains fully clothed at all times and may experience different bodily sensations. Some feel the 'electricity' passing through various limbs or tingling or warm sensations, some smell scents, see visions, some feel as if they have reverted to the safety of the womb and some just fall asleep. Whatever you might feel these are merely side effects of the healing process and it is best to enter a treatment with no expectations.

Healing can take place on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Sarah is an intuitive psychic and medium, offering intuitive tarot readings, crystal readings and spiritual house cleansing. Please contact the salon on the numbers below for further information or to book an appointment.




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